Access Control Systems, Gate Security, CCTV, & Security Cameras

Bravo Fence supplies professional installation of high quality, durable gate operators in a variety of challenging settings.  Our access control systems are installed at:  subdivision entries, apartment complexes, medical and commercial properties, high-security office buildings, self-storage facilities, and single family residences throughout the Tampa Bay area.

We regularly collaborate with Developers, Home Builders and General Contractors to design, specify and install a system to meet their needs.  We have installed and maintained a wide variety of makes and models of access control systems.

Whether it’s a simple keypad or locking device for your home or an advanced commercial application, we will give you the sense of security that you deserve.  Access control systems come in different styles and varieties based upon the level of security required but we will meet your security needs while creating a solution that will meet your specifications and budget.


Keypad Entry

Free standing keypads can be wired to the operator or they can wireless.

Intercom Entry

Intercoms allow you to speak to, and in advanced models, allow you to see the person you are allowing to access.

Electronic Locking Devices

A simple solution to greater security is to install electronic locking devices on your automatic gate.

Card Readers

Card Readers offer a higher level of security by authorizing certain card holders to access specific areas.  Card readers are a convenient way of logging all of the traffic in and out of a building.

Advanced Barcode Scanners

Agencies that have heavy traffic and want to know exactly who enters and leaves, the use of a barcode scanner is ideal.

Close Circuit Television (CCTV)

Environments that require increased monitoring usually implement the use of CCTVs to their facility.  We have systems that can be monitored by onsite personnel as well as systems that can me monitored on individual devices such smart phones, tablets or desktop computers.

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Community-Entry-Access Control

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